Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Where Do I Start?

      At the beginning....right?  But the fact is, I actually started somewhere in the middle when it comes to rock n'  roll history.  My interest in history began when I was young.  I was born and raised in a small foothill town in California surrounded by Gold Rush history.  My family had already lived in the area for four generations.  So history is part of my DNA, I guess.
      Fast forward to the mid-70s and I'm in college and reading Rolling Stone religiously and I'm collecting them.  Not as collectibles, but as sources for concert dates.  I started making lists of concerts and record releases for the groups that I liked.  Those never-ending lists.  I'm still making them. 
      So that's how I started.  And quickly found that using the Stone was incredibly limited.  So I've broadened the scope of my sources.
      Microfilm....miles and miles of microfilm.  That was the next resource I discovered and I've spent literally years hunched in front of readers squinting at indistinct text and blotchy photographs.
      And the internet...a virtual miracle!  An incredible resource but frustratingly scattered and notoriously incorrect at times. 
      My journey has not been without some focus.  Long before computers I had compiled a pretty comprehensive list of Buffalo Springfield concert dates and I had started on a list of Poco concert dates.  That has blossomed into a website devoted to Poco concert dates and associated members solo work.  More on that later. I've also supplied research for other people's books and websites and have much more in the works.  So let's see where this takes us.
     Oh, and the beginning...most people say it was this:

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